Black Mountain delivers an efficient and transparent construction experience, proven for projects of any scale and scope, yet flexible for unique challenges.

Fortified with 25 years of in depth experience in construction and development, we support our clients throughout the building process – acquisition, pre-construction, construction, close-out and ongoing maintenance.

We offer project delivery methods tailored to meet the client’s needs. We understand the dynamics of working with an Owner’s Representative, Family Office and/or Specialized Design Professionals engaged by the client. Communication and teamwork are key elements of the Black Mountain philosophy throughout any project.

Early Project Acquisition, Development and Feasibility

Our meticulous process of property due diligence allows clients to develop buildable options based on early design requirements, and includes:

  • Deed related study for the purchase agreement to clarify any public agency requirements and/or regulations that may affect clients’ goals
  • Property survey to determine clear understanding of costs and impact for infrastructure, engineering (soil, traffic, civil) and utilities
  • Early entitlement determinations to identify the impact of state and local planning regulations
  • Evaluation of historical and preservation requirements

A thorough process early in the project can successfully minimize risk, facilitate purchase negotiation and create a solid foundation for the next stage of development.

Pre Construction

Critical to a successful project are the decisions made during the pre-construction and entitlement phase when schedules, budget and overall scope and design are determined.

Guidance from our staff and quality subcontractors can provide invaluable insight into the cost and functionality of the project. Emerging from our effort is a framework which will guide the process, design team and Black Mountain through architectural, landscape, civil, and structural development for the client.

The following phases outline the pre-construction process, timeline and budget:

  • Selection of the design team to commence schematic design
  • Architectural planning and submittals developed by a capable team of project professionals
  • Expediting planning and permitting process through local building agencies
  • Preparation of construction documents
  • Value-engineering analysis
  • Vetting of subcontractors and vendors and completion of competitive bid process


Black Mountain’s construction management services ensure that projects run both smoothly and efficiently while maintaining quality and schedule adherence

Our construction services include coordination and accurate communication of site progress with the design team to manage updates to construction documents, RFI’s and submittals. We provide efficient cost reporting for changes and effective tracking of approvals. We excel at problem-solving while closing gaps in information to provide valuable input in resolving construction related issues. Our onsite construction team is adept at maintaining schedules and budgets, garnering permits, facilitating inspections and directing all subcontractors. We do this while maintaining the highest level of security, safety, and especially, clients’ privacy.

The following services define the construction phase:

  • Onsite construction management and complete supply chain logistics
  • Budget control through effective problem-solving and innovative collaboration
  • Critical path scheduling
  • Design process and documentation control
  • Systems consultancy in the latest cutting-edge technologies
  • Subcontractor control and management
  • Risk management and insurance

Project Completion

When construction is completed, we offer a Quality Assurance Program binder which includes Property Condition Assessment (P.C.A.), Owner’s Maintenance Manual and property history. Product manuals, system operations instructions, emergency shutdown procedures, care, cleaning and maintenance requirements, as well as, warranty documentation and as-builts are provided to the client, the client’s estate manager or service personnel.

Service Continuation

Our service does not end at the successful completion of a project. Black Mountain’s Service Division is knowledgeable not only in construction of complicated projects, but also in the ongoing maintenance required to assure longevity of the project investment. As need arises, Black Mountain can also assist with additional project development, whether large or small.