At Black Mountain Construction | Development, we believe in the importance of listening well, communicating often, and continually elevating the quality of our services. The success of our company is reflected in our satisfied clients who continue to enjoy their homes built with extraordinary quality and timeless appeal.

As a privately owned construction company, Black Mountain builds fine homes and renovates luxury high-rise residences with detailed finishes. Offering a wealth of experience in the fields of construction and development, we bring to each unique project responsible and realistic building practices combined with personalized service to ensure the entire building process is a rewarding experience.

We assemble the best talent possible, made up of our seasoned core team, superior craftsmen in the industry and leaders in architecture, interior design and engineering, so we can bring innovative solutions to even the most demanding projects. As a member of Build It Green, Black Mountain supports healthy, sustainable communities through its environmentally aware approach to building. At Black Mountain, we aspire to exceed client expectations and take pride in delivering a finished product of superior quality and distinction.


Jeffrey M. Woods


Jeffrey M. Woods founded Black Mountain in 1989 and has built a stellar reputation as a premier builder. Known for his well-rounded knowledge and keen insights, he has been instrumental in helping clients find properties to develop and build to their personal requests.

He continually meets with clients, designers, and architects searching for innovative ideas to incorporate into luxury homes, always searching for creative solutions to design challenges. Inspired by the desire to provide the highest level of craft and service, Jeffrey has instilled integrity and professionalism in Black Mountain, establishing what is today a business praised on the pages of California Home + Design, C Magazine, Gentry Magazine, Builder/Architect and Construction Today.

While supported by a large and capable team, Jeffrey’s respectful approach and unyielding work ethic ensures clients are always confident knowing he is committed to making each and every project a true success.